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Kevin is a great coach and has great game like drills that are very fun to do. He has definitely made me a better hockey player. 

- Ethan Wyttenbach '07 Gulls

Training with Kevin has developed my game and made me a much better player. The drills he does allows me to transfer things I learn with him to games and all the drills he does benefits players for the better. His attention to detail is like

no other. Training with Kevin has only helped me.

- Logan Renkowski

  '05 Mid Fairfield

Coach Kevin helped me grow and develop unlike any other coach i’ve ever had. His drills helped improve with every part of my game.

-TJ Brodsky '07 Gulls

I love to play hockey with Coach Kevin. He has the best drills and always makes me laugh. I always get excited when he gets on the ice to skate with me. 

- Nash Katz '15 Gulls

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